Renting in Chiang Rai, ADSL Internet and Cable TV Services

There are two types of rental properties in Chiang Rai, long-term and short-term. A long-term rental is at least 6 months, usually a year. A short-term is a month or less.  

Most owners that we work with prefer a long-term contract.  When signing this type of contract you will need a copy of your passport, first month's rent and typically two month's security deposit.  (If the property is exceptionally nice or has expensive furniture, some owners will ask for three month's security deposit but that is rare.)  Monthly rental payments can usually be made directly into the bank account of the owner.  Lanna Realty works hard to have good relationships with all the landlords so we can guarantee you will get your deposit back as long as you keep the house in good condition and all the outstanding bills are paid.  For the benefit of both parties, we take photographs of the condition of the house prior to occupancy.   Utilities including electricity, water, internet and cable TV are always the responsibility of the tenant.

A short-term stay is usually month to month although some property is available on a daily or weekly basis. The price of a short-term rental tends to be higher than a long-term because of the added costs of cleaning and time associated with setting up the customer. Some owners want a contract and deposit but others do not. Electricity and water are the responsibility of the tenant.  We have very few properties of this type but it will be noted in the listing if the owner accepts short-term.  There are various apartments around the city that have rooms available for under 5,000 baht per month but you will need to have a Thai friend assist you as very few of the managers speak English.

Internet service in Chiang Rai is very high quality.  There are at least 3 companies offering service including 3BB, TOT and True and CAT.  TOT offers fiber optic service in the city center as well as wireless service in the countryside.  True and the other mobile phone carriers also offer service so you can assume that you can get internet in all but the most remote locations.  Besides that, most of the coffee shops and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi so you can always get connected when you need. 

Satellite TV is offered by True/UBC which has various packages from 340 to 2000 baht per month. 

For a list of our rental houses, please take a look at Rental Houses

Happy renting!