Lanna Realty offers seven types of services that ease the complexities related to doing business or purchasing property in Thailand and save you time and money. We offer the following; Area Familiarization, Land Search, Construction Supervision, Building Inspection, Property Valuation, Legal Services and Accounting/Bookkeeping.

Area Familiarization-Are you considering purchasing property in Chiang Rai? Are you thinking about retiring to or moving to Chiang Rai?Do you have limited time in Chiang Rai but need as much information aspossible? Do you want to rent in Chiang Rai but need more information about options available? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our Area Familiarizationis made for you.Over one full day we take you to all the areas within 30 minutes of Chiang Rai and discuss the property values for each area as well as the positives and negatives of each area including flooding, title deeds, forestry issues, infrastructure, planned development, etc.We will show you specific property that has been recently sold along withthe price it was sold for. We can alsoshow you thevarious housing developments aroundChiang Rai and give you information about schools and hospitals if interested. We can also target the familiarization for rentals so you can see the options available. Guaranteed to be informative, save you time and money andhelp you make an educated decision. Cost 5,000 baht.

Land Search - you tell us exactly what you are looking for and the price range you want to pay and within 2 weeks we will provide you with 5-10 listings that match your requirements. We provide you with the contact information of the seller so you will be able to negotiate directly. Here are two examples of work we have previously done - a European needed 100-200 rai of land within 20 km of Chiang Rai that could be dug out to make a waterski lake. The price he wanted was under 100,0000 per rai. A group of investors wanted 2 rai of land in Chiang Rai city center to build a condominium. They wanted the land to be under 5 MB per rai. If your project is not feasible we will let you know right away without any cost. Contact us for details.

Construction Supervision - we work with your builder from the design stage to the end to develop and ensure a set of standards for workmanship and engineering. We also offer knowledge about a wide spectrum of products that could be implemented into the design, like solar water heaters, gray water disposal, electrical systems and drainage that will both save you money and make your investment more valuable over the long term. The construction supervisor can do on-site testing and oversight to guarantee the standards are adhered to and avoid common problems in Thai construction. This service would be appropriate for large houses, small factories, schools, resorts and boutique hotels. Contact us for a quote.

Building Inspection - we work with a Thai certified building inspector who can look at a building and give you detailed information about structural problems, drainage problems, flooding problems, electrical problems, etc. This information would be especially useful to someone interested in purchasing a property and wanted an independent party to provide information that could be used as a negotiating tool. For this service we charge 20,000 baht and have been able to save clients hundreds of thousands of baht.

Property Valuation - we provide you with a checklist of the following: current land prices in the area, landscaping value, house value, other positive and negative factors affecting the price of your house. Our fee for this service is 10,000 baht.

Legal Services - we work with both Thai and foreign lawyers to provide you with contracts, do research, help you with a sale or assist you in other legal matters.

Accounting and Bookkeeping - we work with a local accounting firm to ensure your accounting meets local standards. Most accounting software programs can be accommodated.

We are looking forward to helping you!